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Welcome to the Old Glory Pole Company web site where you will find a wide variety of flag poles, American flags, and various accessories. Our flag poles are made from extruded aluminum pipe, have four different base options, and range from 16 to 36 feet. The pole's unique, patented design makes for easy shipping and installation. Our products can be purchased by PayPal, check/money order, or credit card. For your security and protection credit card information will by collected by fax or by phone.



Old Glory Pole Company Inc. began in the early 1960s as Coupco Pole Corporation by William H. Galloway in Huntertown, Indiana. In the late 1980s the corporation was purchased, moved to Hickory Corners, Michigan, and renamed Old Glory Pole company Inc. In 1995 the company was moved to Loon Lake in Coldwater, Michigan and in 2008 the company has moved and expanded in Gobles, Michigan..

Old Glory's unique pole designs were the creation of Mr. Galloway. He received his first US Patent for his exclusive Swing Base Assembly on March 28, 1967. He was then granted a US patent on his distinctive Coupco coupling pole design on September 19 later that same year. Mr. Galloway went on to acquire Canadian patents over the upcoming years.

The swing base design allows our customers to lay the pole on the ground for easy servicing without disturbing the cemented base. The easy-to-use couplings allow the pole to be shipped in smaller sections while also making the pole easy to handle, assemble, and service. These patented designs have withstood the test of time.

Swing Base Flag Pole
Swing Base

Coupco Coupling
Coupco Coupling


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